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Business loans at home loan rates
Save time and money with hassle-free loans
Great solutions for you and your business
Refinance your personal or business debts at comparatively low home loan rates
Flexibility to use personal, business, company or trust names on your loan, and all within the same application
Your choice of different loan structures with multiple split accounts to easily manage your business, personal and investment finances
Easy, quick and personalised application process that Garry will lead you through
Conditional Approval direct from the lender can be ascertained within minutes of submitting your details online
Both low documentation and fully verified loan options available
Easy to save
Want to save some serious money?
Now you can, by taking advantage of business loans at home loan rates when residential security is offered. Plus you can save on bank fees by consolidating all your finances into one easy-to-manage account. You can even refinance your business debts into your home loan!
Simple application process
Meet with Garry to discuss and target your financing requirements
Conditional approval direct from the lender can be ascertained within minutes of submitting your details online
Combine your personal and business loans in a single application to avoid unnecessary paperwork and duplication
Both fully verified loans and low documentation options available.
Easy application option for the Self-employed
Garry has done the hard work for you. He can source a low documentation loan option which means less running around for you. No more hunting for documents or providing full tax returns. Simply complete the declaration outlining your income, provide copies of your latest BAS supporting your declaration, and submit. Combined with a fast application process, you'll have your answer in the shortest possible time. Check with Garry to see if you are eligible for this streamlined process.
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Easy to manage your finances
If you're self-employed, you probably spend a lot of time juggling your money. Garry can help you find solutions to help manage your finances and keep track of your all-important cashflow.

Enjoy the flexibility of splitting your finances up into many accounts - ideal for separating personal, business and investment funds. You can even choose accounts that allow you online access to your loan in addition to ATM and cheque book access for all your business and investment needs.
The Browns' family business
John and Sarah Brown have been operating a family retail business for the past 14 years. They have a home loan, two investment loans and separate funds for their business.
The Browns' needs:
Refinance home and investment loans
Maximise their available credit or overdraft to free up additional equity
Combine their business and personal borrowings to simplify day-to-day operations for accounting and tax reporting
Flexibility to access personal and business funds if they need
The Solution
Combine all of the loans under one application. The Browns provide all their business financials (company and individual tax returns) to Garry who suggests the following loan combination to suit their needs:
Split 1 - Home Loan - $68,000 (principal and interest)
Split 2 - Investment Property 1 - $360,000 (interest-only)
Split 3 - Investment Property 2 - $188,000 (interest-only)
Split 4 - J&S Brown P/L - $272,000 (interest-only)
The Advantage
A low ongoing home loan rate on their personal and business split accounts
Flexible account structure where splits can be set up in different names
Ability to combine principal and interest and interest-only loans
Option to convert to a fixed rate loan
This example is fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.
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