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Professional Packages
The professional package that is full of benefits
Professional package home loans are professional package loans that are tailored by lenders to suit borrowers on higher incomes or those regarded as low-risk borrowers.

Lenders offering these loan packages generally offer discounted offset, variable, fixed and line of credit interest rates. Sometimes, depending on the size of the loan, bigger discounts can apply.
Easy to package all your finance needs
Professional package loans will enable you to save by bundling products such as
Home loans
Investment loans
Business loans
Transaction accounts
Savings accounts
Credit Cards
Home Insurance
Typically the lenders require the borrower to bundle all their personal banking into the one package. Most would charge an annual fee while offering a range of discounts or waived fees on other bundled products such as credit cards, transaction accounts and insurance.

Why don't you let the experienced finance professional, Garry, assist you in deciding which loan best suits your financial needs - and see how much you can save!
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Andrew & Wendy
Andrew and Wendy want to refinance their home loan to another loan with more features. They would like a loan with easy access to their cash, online usage, and with the ability to view transactions and download statements as they need. They would also like to save on bank fees.
Andrew & Wendy's needs:
Refinance their current home loan from the current lender
Reduce their ongoing account-keeping fees
A transaction or savings account included
Online access to their funds, transaction history and statements
The Solution
A professional package would be likely to provide the best value for money for Andrew and Wendy. The package allows many features to be inbuilt such as home loans, investment loans, savings and day-to-day savings accounts, offset accounts, and credit cards. Generally a professional package loan will come with just one annual fee.
The Advantage
Generally only one fee will cover all the features and accounts included in the professional package loan
Less paperwork - typically payslips or group certificates for PAYG income earners or last two years tax returns for self-employed
Use your professional package loan for different purposes. You get the same low residential rates for both your home and your investment portions of your facility
This example is fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.
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