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Your all-in-one, easy to manage home loan
A line of credit home loan - also known as a revolving line of credit - is a home loan with a credit limit that allows you the flexibility to withdraw money up to your approved amount. It is like having a credit card where you have a maximum spending limit. This means that you have easy access to cash you can and tap into the equity in your property whenever you choose.
Benefits of a line of credit:
Easy access to funds, in a variety of ways, at any time
Withdraw up to your credit limit without requesting approval from the bank
Higher credit limit amount than a credit card
Lower interest rate than credit cards
Debt consolidation possible by transferring other debts such as personal loans and car loans into your mortgage
Most lenders offer fully portable loans, which mean you can take your loan with you if you sell your property.
The main advantage of a line of credit loan is that it can be used as a transaction account that can be used for your everyday transactions as well as for larger expenses such as holidays and renovations.
Why don't you let the experienced finance professional, Garry, assist you in deciding which loan best suits your financial needs - and see how much you can save!
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