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Investment Loans
Build on your assets with a simple loan
Enjoy your future by realising the benefits of investment and growing your assets
Select from flexible loan terms of up to 30 years
Enjoy the flexibility of choosing interest-only repayments
Choose loan structures with multiple split accounts to easily manage personal, business and investment portions of your borrowing
Simplify your taxation preparation with split accounts, which issue you with separate statements for each separate account
You can choose to include business names, company or trust names on your loans for your advantage
Use the equity in your home to fund your investments at lower rates than personal loans or margin loans, thereby lowering your ongoing repayment commitments.
Simple application process
Meet with Garry to discuss and target your financing requirements
Conditional approval direct from the lender can be ascertained within minutes of submitting your details online
Combine your personal and business loans in a single application to avoid unnecessary paperwork and duplication
Both fully verified loans and low documentation options available.
Easy to manage your investments
Garry can make it simple for you to keep track of your investment properties, shares and managed funds with one easy-to-manage package. Just split your home loan and investment loans into separate accounts and you'll receive individual statements for each one. You can even choose to have your statements emailed directly to you - for paperless electronic filing. With most loans, you may also have access to full online functionality. In addition to that you can choose ATM cards, cheque books and deposit books for easy access to your funds.
Easy application option just for the Self-employed
Garry has done the hard work for you. He can source a low documentation loan option which means less running around for you. No more hunting for documents or providing full tax returns. Simply complete the declaration outlining your income, provide copies of your latest BAS supporting your declaration, and submit. Combined with a fast application process, you'll have your answer in the shortest possible time. Check with Garry to see if you are eligible for this streamlined process.
For more information contact GARRY BILLETT
Phone: 02 9817 8230
Mobile: 0418 963 626
Easy to grow your investment portfolio
If you're looking for a loan to finance the building of your assets, Garry can offer you a range of borrowing options to suit your needs. He can offer you investment loans that can minimise your repayments whilst growing the value of your investment, allowing you to direct your income to other investments, savings or to your ongoing living expenses
Patrick & Sarah
Patrick and Sarah have two investment properties and a share portfolio. They would like to consolidate these loans as well as access additional equity for further investment.
Patrick & Sarah's needs:
Refinance their investment loans to free up additional equity in their properties
Maximise their available credit
Use different names on their investment loan accounts
The Solution
Lines of credit allow Patrick and Sarah to combine their borrowings into a single facility and utilise the flexibility of the facility to increase or decrease their share investments as the market changes. All of these loans are supported by the value of their 2 investment properties:
$230,000 interest only split on investment property 1
$300,000 interest only split on investment property 2
$230,000 interest only split for share portfolio
$100,000 interest only split for additional equity to spend on new investments
As the purpose of the loan was for investment, Patrick and Sarah were able to style their loan in a flexible way - i.e. Patrick's name on investment property loan 1, Sarah's name on investment property loan 2 and joint names on the share portfolio and additional equity loans.
The Advantage
Garry can ensure you receive low residential mortgage rates for both your owner occupied and investment loan portions
Use your funds for whatever purpose you choose
You can also borrow against inner city investment properties which can sometimes be hard to finance
This example is fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.
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